Living Between Peace & Pieces

Life is but a fleeting glimpse of incomplete and untold stories; full of ups and downs, unexpected circumstances, and moments of disbelief. At times, there are instances in our lives beyond our control and comprehension, leaving us with nothing left to do but latch on to the holy promise of ‘peace beyond our own understanding.’

Today we bask in the sun rays of good fortune and an immeasurable amount of bliss; soaking up as much goodness as one heart can hold. We laugh. We love. We live. And we do each of them to likeness as to which we've been shown. Hopefully, we've all had good teachers.

Yes. Life is good at the moment. No precipitation in the forecast. And no lack of wind beneath us, could deter us from ascending like eagles to the peak of the tallest mountaintop, shouting, “MY GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD!”


Tomorrow is a new day, and we may find ourselves dashing for shelter from the downpour of bursting storm clouds. The warmth of yesterday's sun has since been cooled, leaving behind no remnants of its existence.

We grab our umbrellas and raincoats, and suit up in our protective garb...but even at the calm of the storm, we are all still left drenching wet, and feeling unprepared. Some how, in his own mysterious way, God cleans us all up, helps us pick up the pieces, and puts us back on our journey…still proving true to his AWESOMENESS.

You see, no matter where we are vested in our lives, some things are inevitable; whether good or bad, big or small; they help create the details of our existence.

But either because strength is in our DNA, or we’ve gained it through struggle; we manage to juggle those storm clouds and rays of sunlight when they’re least expected. The transition may not be done effortlessly, nonetheless, we manage it-and somehow still maintain a sense of self, and sanity. We fumble. We learn. We grow. The process takes place in that exact order. It’s never reversed.

While none of us are perfectly poised, neither are we fatally flawed, but for most of us the assessment is simple: I think we reside, or balance life somewhere in the middle...between peace & pieces.

Where do you balance life?