The Reason I Decided to Start Blogging

I never really thought twice about becoming a blogger. Okay, who am I fooling-I hadn’t even thought about it once. It never occurred to me that I could make room for it, or even be good at it. So when one of my elder sisters, Charlene, mentioned the idea some months back…I wouldn’t entertain the possibility at all.

As therapeutic for me, as writing was, the idea of blogging was far-fetched, and seemed foreign to say the absolute least. Having to juggle my already over engaged life of working long hours in the field-and the classroom, volunteer positions, community service, dealing with life issues, and the demands of my big blended family…adding blogging to the mix just seemed too big of a challenge…and a hassle.

Nevermind waiting to exhale, there are moments in my life I’m merely trying to catch a breath just to inhale. Yep, this girl-unashamedly so-definitely balances life in between peace and pieces.

How was I to see myself beating down my brain, for topics of interest in an attempt to appease a crowd with an insatiable craving for connection. Then up throughout the night like an owl trying to tie together frayed ends of a post, when normal people are sleeping; not to mention that writer’s block has always been an enemy of mine. Damn him, AND his willingness to obstruct the passages of my creative flow!


Wait! It only gets worse. The thought of having to get up before the sun lays eyes on the earth seemed unnatural to me. A blaring alarm clock has always been the sound of the devil and I hate it to this very day!

So why would I want to partake in anything that would have me to rise like a rooster, only to make one last read before a piece is posted for whoever cares…then the process, painfully starts all over again.

The only thing this sister needed to add to the essence of her world was a whole lot of God, definitely not any more hits and misses of tangible thoughts, over dramatic emotions and a plethora of opinions and phrases put together as blog posts. I appreciated my sister's gesture, but I’ll pass, I thought.

So, why did I decide to go ahead and give the blog life a chance? Its not like the over-crowded, ever growing, fast paced city of Blogville needed one more resident. But like many of the blog gods and goddesses who hailed before me, and the ones who’ll come after – I had something that needed to be heard. Not just heard in a way that sound infiltrates the ears; but a dialogue that would permeate the heart and soul of its citizens.

The discourse would be far beyond unavailing words and broken phrases, but feelings and emotions that were bigger than me – and you. More like a relationship. A commitment. A Marriage. A journey that we would embark on to heal and be healed, to forgive and be forgiven, to love and be loved, to live and let live. No longer to allow the turbulent flow of emotions to crash within us like the force of river against rock.

I have something that needs to be heard, I said. Why not now? The timing is perfect! Except this offer of unification, and I solemnly promise, to bring you nothing but ‘love, peace, and soul’ and all that mushy stuff in between.

I’ve told you my reasons for blogging. Now tell me yours…

Truthfully your girl, Jennifer