My Journey to Greatness


My Journey to Greatness

Always been a girl who’s had her own mind, and her own way of doing things. Not the one to stick around and wait for unique experiences, but a believer in creating the moment if the moment doesn’t exist.

You’ll never find me doing anything based off tradition alone. Never been attracted to societal view points, ‘majority rule,’ nor political prose. Nor do I appreciate anyone who attempts to control the masses by any means other than hard-core facts, and unadulterated truths.

I hate broken promises, and injustices of all sorts - and anybody or anything that poses a threat to justice. Don’t have time nor patience for selfish people in my world, nor for people who like to receive more than they wish to give. I’m allergic to judgmental and self-righteous folks. They really do make me itch...and sick. A mentor once told me, one of the worse things you can do to a person is stand on the other end of the spectrum and judge them, when you haven’t taken the time to find out what the hell is going on. What a lesson learned...

I’m a woman of many dimensions. Someone with an old soul, who is as strong as diamond, but will shed a tear faster than one can blink. Will fuss until I’m breathless; bark loud, even show a little teeth, but hardly ever do I bite. I cry through movies, and will lose sleep over other people's hurts and pains.

I have an intricate love affair with old school music, catchy phrases, and all sorts of idioms and proverbs. Often find myself getting lost in my emotions or consumed by my thoughts. I promise I feel like I’ve been on this earth for a thousand years. Yes, I do believe in God and the power of prayer.

I’m that loyal, loving person you’ll want as your best friend. The girl that you call when you need someone to confide in. The same girl you would want on your team cause you know I’m going to bat. I’m still that super cool chic that you knew and grew up with.
If you asked the people closest to me to describe me in one word, you'd get everything from intelligent, intense, giving, determined, beautiful, strong, sincere, stubborn...and even bitchy. If you asked me, I’d say I’ve earned a little piece of all of the above. I am all that I am - unapologetically so.

My journey wouldn’t be complete without the blessing of motherhood. My children caused me to tap into super powers I never knew I had. Raise your hand if you see that “S” on my chest. I come from a large family where there’s a perfect blend of both, dysfunction and love. You might not get it. But it works for us.

My father's murder propelled me into an adulthood that I wasn’t ready for. When I lost my little sister, I think a lost a little piece of Me too. I figured out early in my life that nursing was it for me. Next to God and my family, don’t know where I would be without nursing. It saved my life. Only made sense that I go a little further and tackle this thing as a Nurse Practitioner.

I wanted to look back at the fire and pull people out. Find some form of medium in which I could elevate folks. So along with a couple of colleagues, I founded a nonprofit organization that allows us to be great.

In a nutshell, I am an emotionally complex creature, a hopeless romantic who is charged by beautiful hearts and beautiful minds. A super stylish mother, and nurse practitioner who appreciates the arts, and has an insatiable appetite for verbiage, and fashion.